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WELCOME to the Guilford County Interactive Business Resource Wizard.

Activating the Wizard We hope you find the resources here to be beneficial.

The Wizard will allow you...

  • To create a list of all the legitimate resources designed to help small business owners - whether they are for business planning, training, operational assistance, loan source identification, economic incentives, or anything else - and make them accessible to you through this site.

Instructions: If you want to see all the resources we have identified, please click on "See All Resources" to the left.

  • To "filter" the resource list and narrow your search to fit your individual situation. By answering a few questions you will reduce the number of unrelated web sites and programs, giving you a customized list of resources. This will give you an opportunity to investigate the resources to determine if their programs meet your needs.

Instructions: To run the wizard, click the "Start Resource Wizard" button below. Respond to the questions in each of the three sections.

What’s next Our goal is to continually update and expand the list of resources as more become available. In the future, we plan on adding a section that deals with permitting and regulatory matters and expanding industry specific resources. So please check the site often.

THANK YOU for visiting the Guilford County Interactive Business Resource Wizard.


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